01/03/2022 Gun Closet Cleanout

Gun Closet Cleanout


AR-15 mags (2 steel and 2 polymer; NEW)  $40

Pistol mags x2 (unknown brand)  $20

S&W Shield 9mm mags x3 (NEW) $60

M1 Carbine 15rd mags x4 and 70rds  $80

Glock 40cal mags  x4 (2-10rd,1-15rd, 1-31rd)  $60


22WMR ammo (100rd)  $25

40cal ammo (100 count)  $30

7.62x54R ammo (40+ rds)  $20

M1 Garand clips x3 and ammo (24rd)  $20

50BMG ammo (10rd)  $20


Small Pistol Primers (1500 total)  $80

Large rifle primers (500) and 30cal 167gr bullets (200+)  $80

338 Lapua dies, bullet holder, primers, etc  $80



I Prefer not to separate line items.

Text or leave message to John 5O9-628-65O6 (Richland)

I have limited time to respond to questions but I'll do my best.

Thank you for your interest.