08/16/2023 WTS: Zhumell Spotting Scope

FOR SALE: Zhumell Spotting scope with tripod and zippered nylon carry cover.

This is a very powerful spotting scope on a very sturdy and fully adjustable (to eye height) tripod. Model is unknown but prety sure it is a discontinued variety. Magnification also unknown but at least 30x and maybe as high as 50x or 60x. Angled eye piece which is adjustable. Focus via knurled knob adjustment on side of barrel. Orientation for viewing is widely adjustable. Both lenses have screw on metal covers and the objective lens (90-95mm diam) has an extendable shade cover. Overall length approx. 22.5 inches and barrel max diameter is about 4 inches. No user manual. The overall combination is kinda heavy but the scope is very good for 100 yard shooting (which I no longer do with these old eyes).

Original Price for the combination was around $250. Sell now for $50.

Contact James White at cell: 509-308-4807 or email: 3riverscatalysis@charter.net

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