On Monday, June 12th, the entire Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility (Pistol Bays, HESA, Rose Iris, Primitive, Shotgun and High Power) will be closed to all shooting in support of The Benton County Fire District putting in fire breaks around the Range. We appreciate your cooperation during this work. 

The Tri-Cities Shooting Association invites you and your family to dust off your family firearms and bring them out to our Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility for a safe and fun day of target shooting.  We offer one of the most extensive recreational shooting facilities in the Pacific Northwest and draw shooters from the Tri-Cities, surrounding states, and even Canada. 

Our family oriented shooting ranges are staffed with trained Range Safety Officers to help ensure your family will have a safe and pleasant shooting experience.  Visit us to check out our modern, clean facilities and find out about the large variety of different shooting events regularly being conducted on our ranges.  Be sure to check out the dates for the specific events on our calendar link.

All fees charged by Tri-Cities Shooting Association and its disciplines include sales tax, when applicable.